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January 21, 2009



I forwarded this one to David - he does some Crock-Pot cooking on days that I work out of town. We can't wait to try it!


Alright, giving it a shot, we'll see how it goes.


It was quite good! I made a few alterations, as I and oft to do with recipes; we used chicken tenderloins because that was what we had. Also, a few unintentional changes were: 1) cooked on high for about 3.5 hours because David didn't check the prep time until 3 this afternoon, 2) pureed a can of diced tomatoes instead of using tomato sauce, only because I thought I'd gotten sauce only to discover it was diced when I got home. oops!
We will DEFINITELY be having it again. The chicken tasted AMAZING. We might throw a couple potatoes in the next time to thicken the broth. We both like creamy broths, but David can't do milk. I think a few potatoes, left to break down into the broth, would do the trick! Of course, using tomato SAUCE and not diced might do the trick as well...

Thanks so much for sharing! You've enriched our crock-pot nights!


A little update - I shared the recipe with a friend, who loved it and shared it with both her mother and the check-out girl at the grocery store when she bought the ingredients! You're gonna be famous in middle Tennessee!!

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