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April 19, 2010


Sally Mann

Thanks for sharing the interactions with Cooper!
I love his smile, sounds and facial expressions!


It's hard to choose what's more entertaining. How unfairly adorable my nephew is, or how ridiculous sounding your squeaky voice is...love them both though!


...kinda like the 'no-bare-belly-belly-pics' rule you broke? Welcome to the land of never-say-never! :o) Now I just have to wait until I get home so I can watch with sound!!

Emily Dostie

So cute! I can't wait to meet him in person:)


Finally got to watch this one with sound! Two things: 1) I would never have recognized that as your voice in a million years. I guess I've never heard you gush at a baby before ;o) and 2) If they ever needed to re-dub Snow White I know who would be perfect!

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