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August 07, 2011



18 months?!! Such a big boy now!! He sounds like he is so much fun, Courtney. He is so so cute too!!! I love the pictures!!


I can't believe how big he is. I HAVE to see this kid one of these days.

Suzy Bowman

He is so adorable. Thanks for posting the photos and the blog. So fun to see him grow and hear about his progress. Wish you and Emily lived close enough to let your kids play together. Her boys are 4 and 2 with another boy on the way. keep up the good work :)

leslie coker

My nephew is a boy genius! Love the pictures.
Is he permitted goggles for swimming lessons? They won't stop swallowing the water but he may like it. Show him a video of Michael Phelps.


He cant wear goggles because they want him to keep his eyes open without them.  The thought is that if he was to fall into a pool or something accidentally, he wouldnt have goggles on.  And actually, he quite enjoys the lessons!  He asks to go to the pool (or asks for the instructor Julia), and usually smiles the whole time! 

leslie coker

well... he could tred water for a few minutes while he yells for someone to throw him his goggles!

I'm glad he likes the water

mom /grams

Auntie is such a jokester!!

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