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February 20, 2012



I deleted all non-friend blogs from my Google Reader last year for Lent, and I never have added them back! Of course, after Lent, I went back to clicking on the ones in my sidebar, but it definitely freed up my morning time for prayer/devotions so I thought it was great. I'm doing another unplugging this year, too.

I think husbands reap a lot of benefits from that, too. At least, in our house that's the case. :-)


HOWEVER....I do keep the Methodist tradition of breaking fast on Sundays. That way, I can double-check flickr or blog posts on whatever craft I'm working on at the moment! I mean, that's totally necessary, right?!?


I pray to have your courage and discipline one day... sooner than later!!! I too often get sucked into the www.


Oh, and now I want one of those "Happy Camper" tees (and a few others) from the Honeybee Tees site. How cute!


I got Happy Camper and Off to the Bay for Coop.  Really wanted Kinda Crabby and Set Sail, but they didnt have his size. 

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